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VisitorVille: Visitor Analysis

See also: Click Analyzer

Just glance...

VisitorVille depicts visitors to your website in a richly informative way. You can quickly gather information about any site visitor simply by looking at their VisitorVille representation, such as:

  • Status: Are they a first-time visitor? A return visitor? A paying customer? A return visitor and a paying customer? All this is easy to see: returning visitors have halos over their heads; paying customers have a gold coin over their head; and returning visitors who are paying customers have both!

  • Action: Did they download a file on your site? Sign up for a newsletter? Join your mailing list? Request product information? Learn this and more at a glance!

  • Personality: Whether they originate from a commercial, academic, military, or non-profit site. Just look at the clothes they are wearing!

  • Navigation: What page they are currently reading, or moving to/from.

  • Activity: Are they active now, or have they turned into a "skeleton"?

Just click...

To obtain significantly more information on any individual visitor, simply right-click on him or her, and you will view a complete VisitorVille "Passport". (Report details below).

To view aggregate analysis on all visitors currently (or formerly) on your site, just click the 'Visitor Statistics' icon on the VisitorVille toolbar. (Report details below).

Visitor Analysis in Detail
  1. Individual Visitors

    Click to view full size Passport

    For any given visitor, see a detailed Passport (both real-time and historical) with the following information:

    • Full IP address
    • Navigation Path: The pages the visitor has visited on your site, in chronological order.
    • Location: Their exact city, state (region), and country. (Which you can furthermore see on VisitorVille's World Map.)
    • Organization: Their company or organization (when available).
    • DMA region: Their DMA demographic region (when available).
    • Repeat visitor: Indicates whether this visitor has been to your site before.
    • Paying customer: Whether this visitor is a paying customer at your site.
    • Actions taken: Whether this visitor joined your mailing list, signed a guestbook, requested product information, subscribed to your newsletter, and more.
    • Referrer: The name of the referring URL, and search terms used (fully hyperlinked so you can simply click and recreate any search)
    • Personality: Based on intelligence garnered from their IP address.
    • Country of origin
    • Status: Whether visitor is currently on site or not.
    • Total time on site
    • Average time per page
    • Pages visited: Including time spent per page.
    • Favorite page
    • Browser
    • Operating system
    • Screen resolution
    • Color depth
    • Browser extensions (Flash, JavaScript, Java)
    • View Past Visits feature
    • Watch Me Surf feature
    • Direct Chat feature
    • Follow Me feature

  2. Aggregate Visitors

    View detailed information (both real-time and historical) on visitors as a group -- all fully graphable:

    • Visitors per hour - with ability to view traffic for any hour with a single click through the Virtual VCR.
    • Visitors per day.
    • Quick ratios: Visitors:Repeat Visitors, Visitors:Paying Customers, Repeat Visitors:Paying Customers
    • Favorite pages: Most popular pages, further broken out by visitor personality and nationality.
    • Personality: Based on intelligence garnered from their IP address.
    • Nationalities
    • Average time on site
    • Average time per page
    • Browsers
    • Operating systems
    • Flash versions
    • Color depth
    • Browser extensions (Flash, JavaScript, Java)



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