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VisitorVille: Chat with Any Visitor to Your Website

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    VisitorVille even lets you chat with your visitors. All you do is click on the visitor's person in your map and they get prompted to chat with you. They can accept or decline without skipping a beat. Neat, huh? So why are you paying for a stats package and a live chat feature? Maybe you've just been thinking about getting the service, but trust me, now is the time to check out VisitorVille. - Lockergnome.com

With VisitorVille, you can simply right-click on any visitor to your site, and invite them to chat with you with a customizable message. And your visitors don't need to have, or install, any software to chat back to you.

That's correct: You, using VisitorVille, can initiate a chat with any visitor to your website.

You can even push specific web pages to them.

And save or e-mail copies of your chat transcripts.

And the best thing? This chat feature is built right into VisitorVille, works on any of the pages you are monitoring with VisitorVille (with no modification required!), and is included in the cost of your regular VisitorVille subscription!

So what are you sitting there speechless for? Download VisitorVille today and start being the 'perfect host' to your guests!



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