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VisitorVille: Report Manager

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VisitorVille Report Manager

Download & Install the VisitorVille Report Manager.

  • FREE for current VisitorVille members.
  • Works under any version of Windows
  • Requires your VisitorVille User ID and e-mail to run

VisitorVille lets you download your visit-level data and analyze it offline. Visit-level data includes information on every single visitor, and every single visit, to your website. It includes IP addresses, company.comanization visitor belongs to, date and time of visits, pages viewed, and much more.

The VisitorVille Report Manager is an easy-to-use Windows program that lets you import, search, analyze, and even re-export the granular data that you can download from VisitorVille.

Key Benefits of the Report Manager

  • Manage visit-level and visitor-level data easily and powerfully -- and offline

  • Perform creative searches on pristine, harmonized data and extract gems of insight on visitor behavior

  • Create beautiful reports that illustrate how specific visitors interact with your web site.

  • Make better use of your web site log data in 8 different formats, from XML to Excel.

  • Complement VisitorVille's visual insights with battle-hardened, enterprise-class hard data

Key Features of the Report Manager

Report Manager Main Screen: Click to Zoom
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  • Import your downloaded data (either detail or summary) with a single click

  • Perform completely customizable searches on the downloaded data

  • Print or copy the data for presentations, or export to 8 different formats (HTML table, XML, Comma-separated, Tab-separated, DBF, Excel, FileMaker Pro, or Lotus 1-2-3).
Visitor Search: Click to Zoom
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  • Search your detailed visit-level data with powerful search options. For example: All visitors who came via Google, became a paying customer, and stayed on the site longer than 1 minute.

  • Instant search results mean no time spent waiting for what you need

Visitor Search: Click to Zoom
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  • Search results are presented in neat tabular format. Simply click on any record to ...

Visit Detail: Click to Zoom
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  • ... View comprehensive visit-level data for any visitor that has visited your web site

  • See full details on their referrer, search terms, pages visited, visit length, stay per page, entry page, exit page, and more

  • Instantly see details on every visit for any specific IP address

Visitor Reports: Click to Zoom
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  • Generate over 24 instant reports on your visit-level data

  • Crystal-clear reports are ready for printing in presentation-ready format

Visitor Summary Data: Click to Zoom
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  • You can also import Summary data

  • Summary data shows you at a glance the macro trends for any time period, including number of visitors, sales conversions, repeat visitors; plus top search term, top search engine; and more!



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