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Monthly Membership Plans

Move to VisitorVille! VisitorVille has reasonable prices; no setup fees, no hidden costs, and no software to purchase. You can monitor as many web sites and web pages as you like at no additional charge. Plus, Live Help (with multiple operator support) is built right in, so you can "see" customers on the site as you assist them.

We accept PayPal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and Diners.

Plan Maximum Unique
Daily Visitors
Monthly Price *
VisitorTown 1,000 $19.95
VisitorCity 2,000 $29.95
VisitorMetropolis 4,000 $49.95
Mega City 4,000+ Contact us for Enterprise rates

* No minimum commitment required.

VisitorVille's flat-rate, all-inclusive membership plans include:

  • Monitoring of an unlimited number of web sites, and an unlimited number of pages
  • Full, unlimited usage of the VisitorVille Log Analyzer
  • Unlimited Live Help, enabling your visitors to initiate chat with you
  • Full access to all VisitorVille features and reports


  • Free technical support by e-mail
  • Free upgrades
  • No separate software to purchase

Auto-Renew Memberships

All VisitorVille memberships are auto-renewing, meaning that we will bill your credit card each month, 30 days after the date of your membership, unless you cancel beforehand. For billing purposes, we will keep your credit card information on file. You can cancel at any time before your next billing cycle to prevent further charges.

What do you mean by Hosted?

That we store (or "host") all your VisitorVille-monitored traffic securely on our servers, so that you (plus your colleagues and clients, if desired) can access it from wherever you are. All you have to do is insert a snippet of HTML code into the pages you want to monitor, and we do the rest. Your web pages themselves stay, of course, on your own server!

What Is a Unique Visitor?

For VisitorVille Hosted, a visitor is considered a "single human being", or "distinct host" ... basically, an individual who visits your site and views as many web pages as they like. That's considered one visitor. If they come back to your site the same day, they are not counted twice.

VisitorVille's Memberships

We offer different membership plans based on how many people visit your web site(s) on a daily basis. For most web sites, the Basic membership is more than adequate. For whatever tier you choose, if you exceed your "Maximum Daily Visitors" for a few days in a month, don't worry about it. Remember: we count unique visitors per day, not page views -- each visitor can have any number of page views.

And rest easy -- you are always in complete control of VisitorVille costs. You will never be charged more than you explicitly authorize.

How to determine how many daily visitors you receive? Ask your web site administrator for the number of "Distinct Hosts" your site serves per month, then divide by 30 days. If you simply don't know, don't worry -- join at a low tier, and we'll send you a notification e-mail if you exceed your Maximum Daily Visitors. You can choose to upgrade, or simply take steps to reduce the number of pages you are monitoring.

Additional People

Additional people (colleagues, clients, etc.) can easily be added to your account, for just an additional 20% of your membership price each.

How to Join

Simply download and install VisitorVille for Windows. During the installation process, you can securely subscribe. VisitorVille accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Novus/Discover, Diner's Club.


You may cancel your monthly membership prior to the next billing date to avoid further charges by following our simple cancellation steps. In brief, you click on a button in the VisitorVille program, and you receive an e-mail confirmation of your cancellation. A paper trail ensures that you're always in control.

Optional Power User Plan

If you want to use VisitorVille for Windows on up to three personal computers -- office, laptop, home -- then the optional Power User plan is for you. Note that this is not a multi-user option, but rather a way for you to exercise your single-user license on more than one personal computer. (You can add additional people to your account for just 20% of your membership price each.) Here are the monthly rates for this flexible option:

Membership Plan Optional Monthly Price *
VisitorTown $2.95
VisitorCity $3.95
VisitorMetropolis $4.95



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