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VisitorVille: Navigation Analysis

VisitorVille literally brings your visitors to life. It gives you the tools and the information you need to understand how visitors are actually navigating your site, both in real-time and historically. No amount of statistics or barcharts can compare to the insight gained by watching real people moving about your site as if it were a town.

The page you're reading as seen in VisitorVille

Location, location, location... Effective page placement is critical to visitors navigating your web site successfully. VisitorVille exposes the good and bad real estate on your site, and helps you figure out the best location for each of your pages. It does this both visually -- turning your web site visitors into moving characters -- and through detailed reports which illustrate problems waiting to be solved.

Here are some of the things you can do with VisitorVille:

  • Play back traffic: With VisitorVille's Virtual VCR, you can see traffic patterns from the past 60 days, at different speeds.
  • Skeletons in the garden: If you have skeletons in a garden, it means people are leaving the site at that page!
  • View navigation paths: Each visitor's Passport contains a chronological list of the pages (houses) visited.
  • Zoom: Zoom out and watch the macro traffic pattern, or zoom in to see just a few houses (pages) or visitors in detail.
  • Use 'Follow Me': Use the "follow me" feature to follow one visitor in particular as they move around your site.
  • Referral analysis: Watch referrers bring visitors to your site, and watch the visitors' subsequent behavior based on their entry point.
  • Track visitors: Watch how repeat visitors or paying customers navigate differently than first-time visitors.
  • Understand page position: See which pages are good conduits and exit points for other pages.
  • Track page popularity: Understand which pages succeed by understanding their place in the traffic flow of your site.
  • And more...

Real-Time Navigation

You can launch VisitorVille at any time of the day or night to monitor real-time traffic on your website. The people you see are the actual visitors currently on your website. The buses you see are the search engines and other referrers delivering new visitors to your site in this very minute. Call a colleague over and say "This is what is happening on our website right now. Look how many people are dying at the contact.html page!" You will see things with your eyes that simply were not visible before.

Historical Navigation

With VisitorVille's "Virtual VCR" feature, you can replay traffic for any time of any day, either from your server logs or from VisitorVille's stored hosted data. You can also play it back at different speeds, enabling you to watch navigation patterns with virtual "time lapse photography". Compare traffic across different days, times, etc. Replay traffic from the evening, night, or weekends -- times when you otherwise are not working. The choice is yours: VisitorVille passively monitors your site on a 24/7 basis.



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