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VisitorVille: Integrated Live Help for Customer Service, Support, and Sales

Why use un-integrated live help software, and pay top dollar for it? It's time to integrate your live help with visual website monitoring and analytics. VisitorVille is the only service that does this.

VisitorVille lets your web site visitors initiate chat with you, from any page they are browsing.

VisitorVille's integrated Live Help gives you all the features of services costing thousands of dollars, yet is included in VisitorVille at no extra cost.


  • Completely customizable, unbranded Live Help image buttons
  • Multiple operator support
  • Platform independent
  • Page push
  • Customizable titles ("John Smith, Tech Support")
  • Transcripts (e-mail or save to disk)
  • Customizable answers
  • Multiple simultaneous connections
  • Agent directory
  • Sound alerts
  • Watch visitor navigate your site while chatting with them
  • Learn about your visitor by pulling up their Passport
  • E-mail reply box when you're unavailable
  • Cost: Included with your VisitorVille membership!


  • Save money and avoid redundancy -- website monitoring and analytics, plus live help, in one program
  • Provide real-time support to your real-time customers
  • Your customer needs only a browser to interact with you
  • Fully integrated in VisitorVille. Zero learning curve.
  • Sets up in under 10 minutes!

How Live Help Works

  1. You can place Live Help on any page that you are monitoring with VisitorVille. You can completely customize the buttons that visitors see to match the look and feel of your site.
  2. or...

  3. If a visitor clicks the Live Help button, a connection is established with VisitorVille for Windows, and a sound file is played alerting you to the incoming live help request
  4. The Live Help session then resembles a normal VisitorVille chat session.

A True 10-Minute Setup

To enable Live Help on your web site, you simply insert a snippet of HTML code into the web pages that you want to monitor. This HTML code will dynamically display VisitorVille's Live Help buttons to your visitors.

  1. In VisitorVille, open the "View Live Help Code" window, as illustrated below:
  2. The Live Help Code then appears. Click on "Copy" to copy it to the Windows Clipboard... then paste it into your pages wherever it will look best.

Letting Visitors Know You're Available or Unavailable

  • How to let your visitors know that you're available to provide Live Help? It's easy -- just click "Available for Live Help" under the Chat menu. Just by doing so will make the "Click for Live Help" button appear on your web pages.
  • How to let your visitors know that you're NOT available to provide Live Help? Same concept... Clicking the "Unavailable for Live Help" option will make the "Sorry, Live Help Unavailable" button appear on your web pages.

What Happens When Multiple Operators Are Online?

If your company is using an Enterprise version of VisitorVille, then multiple people at your company can monitor profiles that you have set up. These people can also accept Live Help requests, if they choose to. When multiple Live Help 'operators' are online at the same time, your visitors can choose who they want to chat with. Here's an example of what the visitors see in this case:



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