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VisitorVille: Content Lists

Our Content Lists help you group your visitors (both real-time and historic) by a number of pre-defined variables -- such as search terms and search engines used, time spent on your website, first-time/repeat, and more.

Plus, you can define your own custom content lists. With this, you can, for example, view only visitors who have been on your site more than 5 minutes, were referred by Google with the search term "excellence", and have not yet purchased something. Or you can choose to show visitors from the US or Canada who have viewed more than 5 pages and entered your site through a specific page. And so on and so on. The possibilities are endless.

VisitorVille content lists in action

To make it even easier to work with all these possibilities, you can choose which content lists you want to display in VisitorVille, and in which order you want to display them.

VisitorVille content lists customization manager

Examples of lists available:



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