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VisitorVille: How Log Analyzer Works

With the Visitorville Log Analyzer, you can analyze and "play back" traffic for any time period, using your web server's access logs (without needing to add tracking code to any of your pages).

VisitorVille: Log Analyzer Mode

VisitorVille Log Analyzer

Import your raw Apache or IIS logs directly from your hard drive, or via FTP

  • Import any kind of zipped log file directly, without worrying about unzipping

Select the pages you want to analyze

  • You can easily select which pages you want to include in your reports

Group similar pages together

  • Easily create groups of pages that you want to analyze together, like PHP or CGI scripts, ZIP files, etc.

Set page triggers

  • Page triggers are used to indicate that a certain page, when accessed, indicates a sales has been made, a download has occurred, a newsletter has been subscribed to, etc. etc. VisitorVille generates a variety of reports on the triggers you set.

Select the pages you want to appear on the VisitorVille map

  • Each page on your web site is represented by a building on the VisitorVille map. You can select which pages appear on the map here (the pages you omit will still be included in all VisitorVille reports).

VisitorVille Main Screen

Bring your Historical Log Traffic back to life

  • In less than 10 minutes, you are completely set up, and watching your historical log traffic live!
  • Select any visitor and see detailed information like navigation path, company, exact location, favorite page, and more.
  • Select any bus for detailed information on that referrer.
  • Select any house and pull up details on that specific web page.



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