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VisitorVille: Feature Checklist

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GENERAL VisitorVille for Windows
= yes / = no
Integrated Hosted Service and Log Analyzer
Visual representation of visitors, pages, and referrers
Real-time monitoring
Traffic history Unlimited
Multiple website support Free
Clickstream analysis (real-time & historical)
Traffic Flow analysis
Unlimited downloading of visit-level data
Visit-Level Analysis Software
Triggers for sales conversions, newsletter signups, and more
Virtual VCR to replay historical traffic from any day or time
Visitor-specific Navigation Path reports (real-time & historical)
Visitor analysis (real-time & historical)
Page analysis (real-time & historical)
Navigation analysis (real-time & historical)
Sales analysis (real-time & historical)
Search engine analysis (real-time & historical)
Easy right-click way to analyze any visitor, page, or referrer
Banner or link required?
Subscription plans based on your traffic volume
Number of web pages you can monitor Unlimited
Zoom levels 3
Set up time 10 min.
Free phone and email support
Daily data backup
24/7 traffic monitoring and storage
INTERACTION VisitorVille for Windows
Initiate chat with any visitor to your site
Receive chat from any visitor to your site
VISITORS VisitorVille for Windows
View detailed past visit transcripts for repeat visitors
Instant reports on individual visitors, and visitors as a group
Different avatars for different visitor types/personality
Different appearance if repeat and/or paying visitor
Accurate lengths of visits at each house (page)
Passport of detailed information for each visitor
Transcripts for repeat visitor past visits
Detailed reports
Ability to filter visitors by IP address, domain, or IP block
IP Renaming feature (change 111.222.333.44 to "Jack Smith")
'Follow Me' feature to physically track a specific visitor
PAGES VisitorVille for Windows
Instant reports on specific pages, and all pages as a group
Simple right-click on a single house (page) for more info
Passport of detailed information for each page
Detailed reports
Detailed exit page analysis
Traffic Flow analysis
Track ad campaigns and promotions
Analysis of referrer effectiveness, by page and site
Building Directory with detailed list of all visitors inside
REFERRERS VisitorVille for Windows
Instant reports on specific referrers, and referrers as a group
Different bus for each referrer
Busses painted to represent specific search engines
Passenger (visitor) information
Passport of detailed information for each referrer
Detailed reports
MONITORING SOFTWARE VisitorVille for Windows
Works under Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Server2003 on your desktop PC
Client-server architecture
Firewall support
Triple DES data encryption & security
Optional ability to use on up to 3 computers (work, laptop, home)
PROGRAMMING VisitorVille for Windows
Log files required?
Programming required?
SQL or database required?
CGI scripts required?
IS Dept intervention required?



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