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VisitorVille: Data Download

See also: Report Manager

Download visit-level detail in database-ready format

Using the VisitorVille Report Download Wizard, you can download massive amounts of visit-level data to your PC. Visit-level data includes information on every single visitor, and every single visit, to your website. It includes IP addresses, date and time of visits, pages viewed, visitor's organization, and much more.

But the fun doesn't stop there... Then you can use our free Report Manager to import, massage, filter, parse, and further export the data any way you like!

You can select just the fields you want to download from among dozens of choices ...

VisitorVille's Data Download

Select the precise timeframe for your query...

VisitorVille's Data Download

Specify the e-mail address where you want the zipped report sent... and within seconds it's there!



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