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VisitorVille: Fun, Accurate, Professional Stats for Your Website

One Animation Is Worth A Thousand Graphs

Since 2003 VisitorVille Has Been the One and Only Visual Website Analytics Tool

In real-time, VisitorVille translates raw traffic data into visual insights.

It's easy: each building represents a web page; each bus a search engine; and each animated character a real visitor to your site.

Just paste our tracking code into your web pages, then launch VisitorVille for Windows to watch your traffic in real time, analyze your stats, and provide Live Help.

VisitorVille also collects visitor data 24/7, so you can play it back at any time, at any speed, with our Virtual VCR.

Perform A/B analysis, plus track your Google Adwords, Yahoo!, and email campaigns, accurately and with ease.

In less than 10 minutes, start seeing the visitors to your website. Download VisitorVille now!

Our Affordable Subscriptions Include Everything:

VisitorVille Suburb Screenshot

1) VisitorVille

  • Classic 2-D graphics represent your complex data with astounding simplicity.

VisitorVille 3-D

2) Hosted Service and Log Analyzer

  • Enjoy both our Hosted (live traffic monitoring) and Log Analyzer (log file analysis) services.

VisitorVille Reports

3) Dozens of Reports

  • Pull up reports for any timeframe in an instant
  • Generate charts with a click
  • Save reports in XLS, HTML, or TXT

VisitorVille Live Help

4) Integrated Live Help & Direct Chat

  • Provide live, chat-based customer support on your web site.
  • Even initiate chat with any visitor to your virtual city (web site).


5) VisitorVille Log Analyzer

  • Import your Apache and IIS server logs directly into VisitorVille for analysis.

VisitorVille Click Analyzer

6) VisitorVille Click Analyzer

  • Dynamically view which links visitors are clicking.

VisitorVille Click Analyzer

7) VisitorVille Virtual VCR

  • Play back traffic from any day and time, at speeds up to 1000x real time.

VisitorVille Filters

8) VisitorVille Filters

  • View your live visitors through an infinite number of custom filters, such as "Visitors by State".

VisitorVille Voice

9) VisitorVille Voice

  • VisitorVille isn't just visual, it's also audio! Let VisitorVille tell you about your visitors, their search terms, and more.

VisitorVille Style

10) VisitorVille Style

  • How many other analytics programs fly your VIP's in on a helicopter?

VisitorVille Data Download

11) Data Download

  • Download custom, spreadsheet ready, visitor-level data for analysis and click-fraud detection.

VisitorVille Data Download

12) Spider Analysis

  • See which spiders and robots are crawling what on your site.

Repeat Visitor Transcripts

13) Repeat Visitor Transcripts

  • Complete visit histories for every repeat visitor.

Sales Conversions

14) Sales Conversion Analysis

  • See which search engines and CPC campaigns bring you sales.

Traffic Flows

15) Traffic Flow Analysis

  • Which paths are visitors taking through your site?

Competitor Monitoring

16) Competitor Monitoring

  • Keep tabs on the companies visiting your site, and see complete visit transcripts for all company-specific visitors.


17) Visitor Passports

Right-click menu

18) One-Click Visitor Information

  • Right-click on any visitor to pull up even more information and possibilities.



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